Cool roof for wine maker

Amber Liqueur...

... “Solarproof reduced our internal temperatures by more than 10OC. The Quality of my wine is no longer affected by high temperatures”...

...“I’m very happy” Peter Murfit, (retired winmaker)

Workshop / store..

mr rentals. ...I noticed the difference immediately. Our workshop
is much cooler now....

...Mr Rentals

metal insulated roof.

shed before solarproof.

..."I absolutely can't believe how much cooler our shed/office is after having been sprayed. We're delighted with the result-definitely money well spent!..."

...Peter & Karen

After...Shed after solarproof.

Sydney fish markets roof.

  • Workshops
  • Commercial roof repairs
  • Waterproofing
  • Solarproof Insulation

Sydney fish markets.

Solarproof... Reducing internal temperatures by as much as 10oC +

solarproof.the worlds leading insulating paint.

All tin roofs can be as much as 30OC hotter than the ambient air. This means the internal temperature increases as well.  absorbs only 15% of the sun’s heat and is especially good at re-emitting most of this absorbed energy away from the treated surface (over 95%). The result is that the exterior surface only gets to about 5OC hotter than the surrounding air temperature.

The results say it all.......

  • Cooler interiors
  • Llivestock.... STOP heat stress in animals
  • Staff.... are more productive
  • Families are more comfortable
  • Lower air conditioning costs
  • Improve look of buildings

No mess no fuss.......

  • Fast application
  • Professional Installers.
  • No interuption to daily work.

Instant relief from summer heat!

Recent client...

...Working in our home office is usually unbearably hot in the summer and our air conditioner barely kept up. Already we can feel the difference...

... “Fantastic”


solarproof insulating paint.

Will reduce the heat load on a structure or surface
Allowing significant energy savings to be achieved.